What I’ve Been Up to!


Hey There!!

I’ve had a busy month (or so) since I last blogged! I’ve been working on a lot of projects both writing as MJ and not!

One of the things I’ve been working on setting up (or reviving) is my old Salad Gourmet blog. I moved my old recipes to a new, easier to read format, started a facebook page, and am getting ramped up to start adding new recipes! They’ll be mostly healthy, a lot of family favorites, and maybe a sneaky treat here and there. Eventually The Salad Gourmet — which is me and my mom writing together– will publish some books of recipes and guidelines and eventually some cooking videos as well:) It’s a fun project if you want to check it out —



Facebook Page


In more normal MJ type news I’ve been working away on a few books —

A Little Bite of Magic will come back to me in a month or so when I get the contract back. It will have a new cover and be available on the usual distribution sites.

Pawsitively In Love  Is coming out next week (yay!!!) That one is already up on Amazon and at the moment, I’m working on a blog tour for that so check out blogs starting next week for info and excerpts.

Later this spring, I’ll be releasing a companion book to A Little Bite of Magic, called A Little Taste of Magic. There will be cooking and witches and definitely some magic:) I’ll put out some excerpts here and in my newsletter!

That’s all for now folks!!


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