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Just one night and everything changed

Taylor thought he had everything together. He just got into the college of his choice and all he had to do was coast through the rest of the year, enjoy his friends, and wait for freedom. He’d never intended to try to get to know the new guy. He figured he’d leave mister fancy-pants pretty boy to the girls.

Alex was completely lonely. His family moved so often that he’d never had a chance to really fit in anywhere. He was often the object of envy, the subject of stares. But he dreamed of having a real friend. Somebody who actually knew him, not just what he looked like and how much money his parents had.

They met by accident, when Taylor stumbled into Alex’s room during a party. It only took them one night to decide they were meant to be best friends, and not much longer after that to realize that they were in love.

Taylor was afraid of what would happen when he finally admitted to the world that he was in love with Alex. 

Alex was afraid that his family would pack up and move again before he had the chance to convince Taylor that their love was worth the potential consequences.

The only thing they’re both sure of, is they’ve never met anyone who makes them feel even close to the way they feel about each other.

Worth the risk…

Sam’s best friend in the whole world is ditching him.

He’s moving out of state to go to college and leaving him behind. It hurts like hell.

Sam doesn’t know how to tell Ryan he needs him to stay without saying too much… like maybe he might want to be more than just friends.

Ryan has to get out.

He’s been in love with Sam for so many years he’s afraid if he doesn’t leave, he’ll spend the rest of his life alone and in love with someone he can’t have.

Of course Ryan can’t tell his oldest and best friend how he feels. It would ruin everything.

One incredible kiss followed by disaster leaves them miserable and hundreds of miles apart.

Before it’s too late, they have to find the courage to tell each other the truth about how they feel.

To finally say those things they’ve kept to thermselves for far too long.

Troy had zero interest in getting out of bed.

It was officially his eighteenth birthday. His eighteenth birthday and the three hundred and sixty fifth anniversary of the day Troy Goodman, all around loser, realized he was in love with his oldest, closest, and straightest friend.

In other words, the anniversary of the day his life had become complete disaster.

Prince Charming Coming Soon!!

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