Save the Date Series

It was her special day…but his worst nightmare.

August O’Leary has come a long way since the day when Christopher told him they were through. It’s taken him years to move on, to build a life and a career as one of London’s sought after event planners.

He’s not the kid he once was. Not even close.

At least that’s what he thought until his newest client, Libby, waltzes into August’s office with her best friend — who also happens to be the only man he’s ever loved.


How’s August supposed to pull of the wedding of the season with a distraction like that? Even more, how’s he supposed to survive until Libby’s ‘I do’ when Christopher is determined to do everything in his power to win August back?

Lights, Camera, Lies…

Kerry Pickering has a problem. As a publicist for Hollywood bad boy Jericho Knox, it’s Kerry’s job to keep Jericho in the news. So far, Jericho’s partying and public escapades have made it easy. But Jericho has a secret, and when that secret is revealed in the most spectacularly disastrous way, it’s up to Kerry to spin it.

The team decides the best course of action is to make the public fall in love — with Jericho’s secret committed relationship. The one that doesn’t exist. Yet.

The team wants someone they can trust. Someone in the inner circle.

Of course that someone is Kerry.

What will happen when Kerry realizes that for him, the romance is no longer pretend? Can Jericho love him back, or is he just playing a role?

Brother of the Bride coming soon!

Bride Not Required coming soon!

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