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Coming Soon…

Prince Charming is on its way! I recently revamped a lot of my old freebies and put them up on prolific works… but this one seemed like it should have a different fate.

I’d always meant to do a bit more with it, and so I decided to do just that 🙂 Instead of four chapters (one for each season), it will be divided into months so there will be twelve chapters. Quite a bit has been added to it so instead of short story length, it will be a novella like the rest of my Vintage YA short reads. (aka the stories I wrote when i was first getting into writing gay romance)

These characters all deal with things like growing up, coming to terms with who they are, learning to fall in love. A lot of the themes are things I don’t write about all that often anymore.

Usually my characters these days are adults who have growing to do just like anyone, but aren’t really exploring their sexuality and figuring who they are. It was fun to hop back into my old playground for a little bit:) I’ll share an excerpt soon and you’ll see this coming in the next few weeks…

Happy Reading!


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