Book Progress March 2021

I’m working on revamping another of my Vintage new adult books called Prince Charming. It’s been looking for a home (and an epilogue) for a while so I’m getting all that settled and then I’ll release it!

I’ve been meaning to work on this one for… a long, long time. It feels good to finally have a cover for it and a place for it to go!

Newton’s Laws of Attraction and Undeniable Chemistry (previously titled Impractical Magic) are both back out! I will eventually add some new books and characters to this world, but for now it’s a duo and they’re back out in the world with new covers:)

I’m working on re-releasing my book Open Road, which should be out and ready in a few weeks!

I’m still working on writing Chef in Love! I have about a million projects going on with re-releasing etc, so writing isn’t moving as fast as I would have hoped but I’m chugging along at it:) I’m going to put some major focus on it in the coming weeks!

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