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Chef In The Wild

Chef Baldwin Powell has lost the only thing he ever cared about… his high power, high pressure executive chef job at Ravenna, one of the most sought after restaurants in Manhattan. He’s completely lost. His ex-boss called his food boring, his ex-boyfriend wants nothing to do with him, Baldwin needs something, or someone, to teach him how to feel passion again.

That passion might come from the last place Baldwin ever expected…

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A Little Sip of Magic

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A Little Sprinkle of Magic

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Love In Bloom

Cassidy had thought he had the perfect life. A fiancé he loved more than anything, plans for a family, and a small flower shop that did well enough to keep him and his prospective family happy and well looked after. But the day he comes home with the news that his sister, their surrogate, is successfully pregnant, he finds a half empty closet and a letter from Eli, his fiancé, that says he’s not ready for a family. He needs some time on his own and he’s sorry. Now Cass has a baby on the way, a house, a company, and nobody to come home to at night.

Eli knows he made a mistake. He’s known for nearly three years, but he just didn’t know how to suck it up and tell Cass he’s still in love and he misses their life. When he finally shows up at Cass’s shop, he’s also rejected by a cold, unapproachable Cassidy. He sees Cassidy with two beautiful little twins and is about to give up because Cass has clearly moved on when he takes a good look at the kids’ faces. They couldn’t be more obviously his.

Eli is determined to get the love of his life, and his babies, back again. Cassidy refuses to let Eli break his heart again. Eli has a lot of work to do if he wants to convince Cass to give him and their life together a second chance.


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