Sizzle in the Kitchen

He would’ve never guessed he was one perfect bite away from falling in love…

Chef Baldwin Powell has everything he could ever want.

Until he doesn’t.

Fancy parties, celebrities, magazine write-ups, his own little empire of stainless steel and fire – he thought all of it was forever. It only takes one awful meeting for everything he’s worked for to be yanked out from underneath him. And one fateful encounter with the owner of food truck, of all things, to realize maybe what he thought he wanted isn’t what he needs after all.

They’re opposites in nearly every way – On paper it should be a disaster. But life and love in the wilds of Manhattan rarely work out the way anyone expects…

They say oil and water don’t mix. Well, with these two it’s more like oil and a blow torch

Bobby Diaz has worked his whole life to get where he is – running a restaurant with his two closest friends, no boss, no stress.

When his best friend Baldwin gets the opportunity of a lifetime, he asks Bobby to take over the restaurant while he’s gone. Bobby can’t wait to see if he has what it takes to do it on his own.

That is until Baldwin tells Bobby his cousin Cal is coming to help run Hearth&Oak.


Bobby and Cal don’t exactly hit it off—to put it lightly. Bobby resents getting Cal dumped in his lap. Cal doesn’t appreciate Bobby’s frosty attitude. They’re stuck together day and night, and their chemistry is undeniable… but will it be sweet summer love or a case of too many chefs in the kitchen?

In a year of impossible things, the most impossible thing of all came his way…love.

Chef Jake Casey has never been what you’d call… liked. By anyone. He was the odd outcast son of the town drunk, and he’s spent his adult life doing everything he can to be nothing like his father. If that meant stomping on a few dozen toes, so be it. But contrary to popular belief, he is human. It gets a little old being alone all the time. When he lands a new job on the other side of the country, Jake decides he’s going to change. New city, new restaurant, new Jake. 

It’s going pretty well until his first and only friend’s ex shows up with a fiancé in tow. Ty is horrified. Jake might not have much practice with the friend thing, but he decides he’ll do what everyone in the movies always does – he offers to be Ty’s fake boyfriend. 

It can’t go wrong. Right?

Is it sweet summer love on the menu or bitter heartbreak?

Scooter Aguilar isn’t the fling type. He likes home and comfort and long term commitment. He thought his ex was the one. He never thought he’d be starting over in a small New England town with no business and no fiancée. At least he has his friends and a restaurant to cook in.

When Josh stumbles into Scooter’s restaurant to pick up dinner for his sister, it’s stars and butterflies at first sight. Scooter is a goner.

Scooter is falling hard and fast, but Josh’s time in Vermont has an expiration date and he’s never been the relationship type. Is what they have real enough to last past the warmth of the summer sun, or is Scooter heading for heartache once again?

He played like a champion but dreamed of the sweet life…

Sean Ryan had never treated a famous person before. Not until golden boy Will Harrington, star college quarterback and soon to be NFL legend, came in with an injured shoulder and hundreds of people’s hopes and dreams on his back.

Will never wanted to be a star football player. As unlikely as it sounds, it just kind of… happened. Now he’s stuck in the middle of a whole world he doesn’t really understand and surrounded by people who don’t actually know him.

Will would’ve never guessed that meeting one adorable physical therapist with a sarcastic mouth and a quirky group of small-town friends would help him become who he’s always wanted to be… a chef.

Sometimes life has to go up in flames before you find what matters most… love.

James has lost everything – his home, his ranch, and his grandfather who had been the only family he had left.

Austin has lost a lot too. His self-confidence more than anything. 

When James’ smoker fails at the most crucial barbecue competition in his life, the most crucial moment of his life so far, he’s devastated. More than anything, James wants one more chance to prove himself. 

James and Austin both need a win – in life and in barbecue. 

Maybe if they team up, they can help each other out. And if things get a little heated? Well everyone knows where there’s smoke… there’s fire.

Okay, so maybe Ellery Mitchell is a bit of a grinch…

He’s never been a big fan of the season, okay? Christmas is not exactly magical when it’s dark and cold and his massive unrequited office crush still barely knows he’s alive.

So when Ellery’s best friend puts his name in the Secret Santa pool she’s in charge of, he thinks he might hate her forever… or at the very least for a couple of hours.

But then something magical does happen. Ellery’s own Secret Santa leaves him a series of the sweetest, most thoughtful gifts… and notes.

It’s starting to look like Ellery’s not the only one with an undercover crush.

*This short story is supplemental to the main series and takes place at the FoodTV offices 🙂 *


  1. I have the first the books from Sizzle in the Kitchen. Where can I find Chef In Love, In Disguise and on Fire? I really enjoyed the first three books and wanted to continue with the series

    • Hi there! They’re not ready yet but they’re in edits and they’ll be out this spring 🙂 My plan is March/April/May but I’ll keep my social media updated to let you know!

  2. Not wishing my life away but when will “Chef on fire” be available??

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