Hot as sin… but cold as ice.

Harrison Kingsley is hot as hell. He looks like some tall, dark, and handsome prince from Clay’s most secret fantasies…he even comes complete with a flourishing fashion empire and his own sprawling castle in The Hamptons. But that prince is also Clay’s worst nightmare. He’s chilly, impossible to please…even downright nasty when the mood strikes him.

And he’s about to be Clay’s boss. For the entirety of what will probably be the longest summer of Clay’s life.

Whisked away from another hot, sweaty summer in the city to a fabulous palace perched on the beach, with the most beautiful man Clay or anyone else had ever seen…sounds like heaven right?

Not. Even. Close.

(Originally published as The Millionaire Upstairs)

Game, set…match made in heaven

Heir Quinn Valenzuela has little interest in sports – even less interest in the sports gear giant, Sparta Athletics, that funds his life of leisure and excess. But he’s never been happy… he’s never really been anything other than bored to tears in the world’s most fabulous locations.

it takes one night to change everything for him. Forever.

When Quinn gets the phone call that his grandfather has died and left him the controlling shares of Sparta, he’s shocked. Quinn does the only thing he knows to do. He goes home to Seattle.

What he finds there is a fight to be respected, which he deserves, and a gorgeous resentful enemy that he never knew he had — ex tennis pro turned businessman Porter Davis, his grandfather’s prickly uptight next in command.

Quinn hates Porter. Until he doesn’t.

Porter hates Quinn. Until he doesn’t.

It’s starting to look like they’re destined to be in each other’s lives, but as what? Enemies? Business partners? Or maybe much, much, more?

(Originally published as Game Point)

Heart and Sole coming soon!

Bespoke My Beating Heart coming soon!

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