Secrets and Peers

Every gentleman has something to hide…

It’s not always love at first sight… or even like for that matter. Maybe Theo Brody’s just a landscaper with a nighttime bartending gig but tall, hot, and English doesn’t have to treat him like a smear of mud on his perfect, prissy shoes.

Why is he even in Maplehurst anyway? It’s the middle of nowhere, on a small New England island, far away from Heath’s home. Theo isn’t quite sure he’s buying the farmer story. Nobody travels this far to look at goats. He figures it doesn’t matter. The guy is a stuck up pain no matter what his job might be.

But things change when Heath turns on the charm…and Theo finds himself falling for his tiny town’s temporary new resident. Of course that’s when he finds out he was right. Heath Blackwood is a whole lot more than he’s been pretending to be… he’s not a farmer at all. He’s a duke.

My Secret Marquess Coming Soon!

Earl on the Run Coming Soon!

Viscount on the Loose Coming Soon!

Baron Behind Closed Doors Coming Soon!

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