Little Magic Books

There’s just a touch of magic in every bite

In a family full of powerful witches, Frankie Vallerand is the black sheep.

Instead of concocting the perfect spell or incantation, Frankie spends his time perfecting soups, breads, and decadent desserts.

But then Frankie meets Addison and sees their entire future together stretching out in front of them after just one touch.

Frankie starts to wonder if keeping magic out of his life is the right thing to do.

Or if it’s even possible.

Especially since every time he and Addison are together magic seems to simply… happen.

It’s impossible to stop at just one taste…

Arlo Vallerand is part witch, part fae, and a whole lot of never been good at settling down. He blows from town to town, hangs out for a while, and then takes off when he gets tired of wherever he’s been.

It’s just how he is … well that and he’s really good at unintentionally putting spells on things.

It’s a family curse.

It can get a bit awkward.

When an intense and very real dream brings Arlo to the adorable, if a bit stuffy, village of Baxter Hollow, Maine, he does exactly what he does best – charm everyone and everything in his path.

Everyone that is, except the one person he wants to charm most of all.

Gray Baxter acts like he wants to run Arlo out of town. He’s prickly. He’s standoffish. He seems to recoil every time Arlo comes near. But he’s the one. The one from the dream. Arlo knows they’re meant to be.

Arlo refuses to give up. He knows that with a little bit of belief, and maybe a sprinkle of his own brand of fairy dust, he and Gray will be magic.

There’s magic in every drop…

Sawyer has always been the normal guy, happy to hang out behind his bar and make the people of Baxter Hollow happy one beer at a time.

Sure, he has witch friends now, which blows his mind on a daily basis, but he’s not one of them. He’s just… Sawyer. Plain old Sawyer.

And then witch prince Jean Vallerand moves to town. Jean is about a million miles out of Sawyer’s league, but Sawyer can’t keep his eyes off of the beautiful, haughty man.

He never expected for Jean to notice him back. Or to fall in love. He definitely never expected to find out that he might be a lot less ordinary than he’s always assumed he was.

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