First Blog Post!!


Hey there everyone  <3

This is the first real blog post on my new and (hopefully) improved website:) I’ve been pretty busy the last month or so visiting with Poppy Dennison and Charlie Cochet, visiting family in California, and now I’m home and getting back to work! You can always check my brand new Current Projects page if you want to know what I’m working on!


I’m getting ready for my next book, The Millionaire Upstairs to come out January 1st:) One of the first new Dreamspinner babies of the year and the first of the new line called Dreamspun Desires. I’m super excited for these ones. They’ll be the size and length of a category romance and feature lots of tropey fun — millionaires, cowboys, cops, tycoons, rock stars, movie stars, and royalty — you name it, I’m sure a Dreamspinner author is cooking it up as we speak 😉

MillionaireUpstairs[The]FS (1)

Right now, Dreamspinner is offering both paperback and ebook subscriptions to Dreamspun Desires, but the books will also be available individually if a certain one catches your fancy!


Other than that, I’m just writing away and adding to my new site bit by bit. Take a gander around and let me know what you think so far.

Happy December!








  1. Yeah on the blog!!! Love your books. Can’t wait to read more blogs!!

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